At HTC, we had a tough discussion about HyperMES and its belonging to a software category. Shop Floor System. Reading the meeting report this is the only decision taken. Not a MES nor a MOM. It’s something different.

The discussion started about a banner to put on the last roll-up (the strip of printing fabric that rolls up on fair trades and show).


We pointed out that:

  1. HyperMES is a flow application. It integrates Quality Control System during different phases of execution. Effortless data collection means more data collected, less work for operators and a live Quality Control System. Maintenance and others collateral operation processes are integrated.
  2. HyperMES integrate manual operations. It interfaces seamlessly PLC, PC, automation in general but fully integrate manual operation too. That’s great because not every operation phase is already Industry 3.0 (that is fully automated). Manufacturing automation is a great opportunity but when you go from theory to reality it’s not so simple. Industries like fashion or logistic, departments like finishing or phases like warehouse picking are not fully automated. So, the risk to flyover manual work phases is zeroed.
  3. HyperMES it’s a product, it’s not a project for each client site. We do not want to collect Virtual Machines (or a collection of Virtual Machines) to archive a customer’s job. Every customer is an HyperMES configuration DB not a specific software.
  4. HyperMES is a customer’s own product but Custom code free. HTC business model is not based on developers’ hours revenues. It’s not that we will give away, but to put the result of HTC’s developers and engineers inside the HyperMES product (aka paid back through licenses fee). This policy will deliver more value for license’s fee, faster projects, easier upgrades and lower TCO.
  5. HyperMES users are part of a community. They suggest us improvements, more interfaces to different ERP’s modules, better ergonomic behavior, easier deployment and brighter technology integration. That’s why we use Ignition by Inductive Automation, to forget other bit & bytes troubles.

At the end HyperMES does not belongs to “common wisdom MES” also for the flexibility given by #Ignition the platform made by @InductiveAutomation and it’s a new category of applications, any suggestion?